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This website is a blog and some pages about things that I believe is worth reading.
There are some links in the right panel that are related to this site.

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4 Responses to “About this website”

  • Mike Oran Tuntipana says:

    Hi Martin! You have a good website here.
    For the FPV drone things, I am currently active on my youtube channel. Make a seacrh for ‘Fired FPV’ in youtube.

    Back to see your email. 😀
    –I leave a comment so you know that I do visit your website.–

  • Jens says:

    Hi Martin
    I been looking at your “mudbus” code
    I do not know if you have experience with WAGO 750 controller?
    I try to read from your program, but can not get through.
    I do not know if you have an idea for what I am doing wrong?

    Best Regards
    Jens Vestergaard

    • Martin says:

      Sorry I don’t have any experience with the Wago. I guess you need to give me more info before I can help.
      Can you use wireshark to check what the traffic look like?
      Take care

  • Agneta says:

    Så söta ni är!

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